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Through a number of activities, the CommEngage Section aims to empower ecologists to better communicate the stories of our science (including stories about the people doing the science) in creative, compelling and innovative ways.

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The idea of launching a new ESA section, focused on science communication, may have been discussed in lots of venues for years. At the 2013 ESA annual meeting  in Minneapolis gained momentum at ESA 2014 and received official approval – as the Science Communication Section – in early 2015. In January 2018, ESA approved a section name change voted on by Section members at the 2017 annual business meeting. That is when we became the Communication & Engagement Section.

Our thanks to everyone who supported the process by signing the petition and providing suggestions re priorities, possibilities, etc. at our informal first meeting at ESA 2014.

Objectives (outlined in Article 2 of the bylaws):

The objectives of this Section shall be to:

  1. promote and support the practice of traditional and emerging science communication and engagement approaches by ecologists and science communicators within ESA’s membership;
  2. sponsor science communication and engagement training opportunities for scientists, professional development activities for science communicators, and facilitate collaboration among members, sections, and committees through symposia, organized oral sessions, special sessions, and social events at the annual meeting and regionally;
  3. support ESA’s endeavors including but not limited to interdisciplinary initiatives, policy statements, regional and national conferences, and activities of the Public Affairs Office;
  4. work with other sections (e.g. Student, Education, and Policy Sections) and 2 committees (e.g., Committee for Diversity and Education, Public Affairs Committee) to facilitate participation in science communication and engagement training and exploration of communication career opportunities; and
  5. formalize and recognize a community of ESA members that have science communication and engagement experience. These members would be available for consultation with the Governing Board, ESA Sections and Chapters, Public Affairs, Science, and Education Offices, standing ESA committees, and ESA journal editorial boards. The Communication and Engagement Section shall be a subdivision of the Ecological Society of America and shall be governed in all of its operations by the Constitution and Bylaws of that Society.

Meeting records, bylaws, annual reports, etc.:





Amended bylaws, approved by membership in fall 2017 (click icon to view)

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