Of course, the SciComm Section is hosting sessions:

If you’re looking for even more SciComm at the conference, here are some sessions that caught our attention.

This list is in development. If you are aware of an activity or session taking place which relates to SciComm, feel free to suggest we add it to the list by emailing or by using the comments section below. Our webmaster will update this page as often as possible.

Sessions are listed below according to type: Social, Workshops, Talks, etc.


  1. SciComm Section Business Meeting & Mixer: Wednesday, August 10, 2016: 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. FLCC 318 – Join us for a brief engaging (we promise!) business meeting where we’ll discuss how to allocate our budget, finalize plans for the 2016 officer election, and start planning for #ESA2017. Afterward, let’s adjourn to a local watering hole to talk #scicomm, network, and catch up. Looking forward to hanging out with you and getting your input for the direction of the section in 2016-2017.


  1. WK 11 – Exploring Diverse Career Pathways in Ecology
  2. WK 21 – COMPASS Training: Communicate the So What of Your Science With the Message Box
  3. WK 29 – Entrepreneurial Ecology: Applying Yourself Outside of the Box
  4. WK 33 – Science Communication Mentoring and Project Review
  5. WK 36 – Career Hour: Transitioning Your Career Beyond Academia
  6. WK 37 – Toe-Tapping Science: A Folk Dance for Photosynthesis
  7. WK 41 – In Your Scientific Opinion: Pitching an Op-Ed

Annual Meeting Sessions related to SciComm

  1. SS 1 – Ecology on the Runway: An Eco-Fashion Show and Other Non-Traditional Public Engagement Approaches
  2. SS 7 – Engaging with the Wider World: True Tales Told Live
  3. SS 12 – A Climate-Changing Year Towards an Integral Ecology: Integrating Education, Justice, Faith Community Partnerships, Earth Stewardship, and Public Policy