Confirmed 2017 sessions hosted by ESA SciComm Section

workshops; booth activities; meet-up/biz meeting – details below.

1. Workshop: Branding is not a dirty word: marketing yourself and your science in a digital world

Monday, August 7, 11:30 am-1:15 pm
OCC room D131

Many scientists cringe at the notion of “branding” themselves or their science, but establishing a cohesive marketing strategy can help you achieve better collaborators, stronger grant applications, and more exciting professional opportunities. In this lively, interactive workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of identifying, developing, maintaining, and leveraging your personal brand (the things that make you, YOU) to expand your opportunities in research and beyond. This workshop will be led by our new Chair, Dr. Kika Tuff, founder of Impact Media Lab, a science communication agency. Click to view in program.

2. Workshop: Improv Your Science: building skills for effective communication

Monday, August 7, 10:15-11:30 am
OCC room C123

Scientists are passionate people eager to share their knowledge with the world. However, sometimes the enthusiasm gets lost in translation, and scientists become disconnected with the very audiences they are working to engage with. This workshop will focus on building and practicing skills to strengthen public speaking, adaptability, listening, and teamwork. Practicing improvisation can help scientists talk about their research spontaneously, become more open and direct in their communications, and build stronger connections with their audiences. Dr. Annaliese Hettinger, the ESA SciComm Section’s Secretary, will lead this workshop. Click to view in program.

3. SciComm Section Business Meeting

Tuesday, August 8, 6:30-8:00 pm
OCC room E142

Join us for a brief engaging (we promise!) business meeting where we’ll discuss how to allocate our budget, finalize plans for the next officer election (including accepting nominations for next year’s officers!), and start planning for #ESA2018. Afterward, let’s adjourn to a local watering hole to talk #scicomm, network, and catch up. Looking forward to hanging out with you and getting your input for the direction of the section!

4. “Ask a Pro” Mixers during Happy Hours in Exhibit Hall: Volunteers Needed!

One of the main requests members made in the 2015 section planning survey was networking and mentorship support and opportunities.

We’re looking for volunteers willing to be at our booth to help us meet these objectives.

Volunteers will respond to career and career-transition questions and generally represent the diversity of possible SciComm careers already pursued by ESA members. Section officers will be present to answer questions about the section itself.

Please contact us directly if you are willing to volunteer for one or more of these sessions. And if you have ideas and suggestions, please let us know!

“Ask a SciComm Pro” Anticipated Schedule*

4-6 pm in the exhibit hall, during poster sessions & happy hour

Monday, 8/7: Ask a Visual SciComm Pro
Filmmakers, photographers, designers & illustrators

Tuesday, 8/8: Ask an Outreach/Ed SciComm Pro
Educators, nonprofit outreach pros & tenure-track faculty who do lots of SciComm

Wednesday, 8/9: Ask a Writing/Storytelling SciComm Pro
Journalists, press officers & PIOs, etc.

*If you have innovative SciComm experience (e.g., drama, dance, children’s books, etc.), we welcome you, too! Please volunteer for the happy hour that seems most relevant to you.

5. #SketchYourScience (booth volunteers needed)

This popular activity will be back for the third straight year! This activity will be available on an on-going basis throughout the conference.

Drop by our booth to share a visual explanation of your research, system, study organism, etc. Every year, we learn a ton about what ESA members are studying and the stories behind their research.

And importantly, there is a lot of research pointing to a host of benefits for using drawing to learn, assess, and communicate science. Don’t worry -your sketch doesn’t have to be fancy! The beauty is in the story it tells.

Like usual, we’ll build a list of SciComm-related sessions being hosted during the 2017 conference. Please let us know what you’re up to so we can pass the word!