#SciComm resource round-up

#ESA2016 is in full swing, and #ESASciComm is a big topic this year. Between our smashing success #upgoESA Ignite session….

…and our dynamic interactive scicomm workshop…

…inspiration and discussion about #scicomm is trending. And, there’s more scicomm to come throughout the week! Continue reading #SciComm resource round-up


Ecological SciComm at the Frontier

It’s that time of the year – time to get your brain into ESA Annual Meeting Mode.

You’re furiously finishing that data analysis in prep for a talk or poster.

You’re checking out the Conference Program and getting your schedule in order.

You’re registering for the meeting and arranging meet-ups with colleagues and collaborators.

How about adding science communication to your meeting preparations? It’s as simple as signing up for Workshop 10854: Communicating Science Vividly.

Communicating science vividly_workshop banner_v1

Inspired by the rallying call at the 2013 Annual Meeting to better connect our science to society, and the overwhelming enthusiasm for our 2014 SciComm workshop and petition to launch an ESA SciComm Section (done!), we’ve organized another hands-on workshop for attendees of this year’s Annual Meeting. Continue reading Ecological SciComm at the Frontier