#ESASciComm at #ESA2016

Connecting and communicating about the conference via social media? Here are our hashtag recommendations: #ESASciComm & #ESA2016.

Next, the following email newsletter was recently sent to all #ESASciComm Section members, along with non-members on our mailing list. If you’ll be/are at #ESA2016, please connect with us! Continue reading #ESASciComm at #ESA2016


#ESA100 SciComm Socializing

Next week’s theme: mmixxx, mix, mix, and mingle!

If you aim to connect with fellow SciComm buffs and advocates, you will have loads of opportunities at #ESA100. Of course, there’s the SciComm Section workshop, “Communicating Science Vividly.” We’re also curating a list of SciComm-related activities being held throughout the annual meeting. And on an informal note, there are a few SciComm-specific social sessions lined up.

Here are those socializing-specific highlights:

  • SciComm Section Business meeting: Monday, August 10, 2015: 6:30 PM; Stone, Hilton
  • Joint mixer with Policy Section: Mixer will follow business meeting and will be held at Alewife; 21 N Eutaw St; 410.545.5112. If you’re at the business meeting, we’ll all plan to walk over to the mixer location as a group.
  • Happy Hour with ESA Communications Team and DC Science Writers Association: The DC Science Writers Association and ESA Comm Team have invited us to join their happy hour. Tuesday, August 11, 2015; 6:00-8:00 PM at Peter’s Pour House; 111 Mercer Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 (Corner of Water & Grant Streets) MAP.

Details: ESA Communications Officer Liza Lester will heading over at about 5:45 and folks are welcome to gather at the press room and walk as a group. The press room is to the right (north side) of the exhibition hall entrance, off the ground floor Charles Street Lobby (which is also where the registration booths will be set up). The lobby entrance is at the corner of Pratt and Charles.

Ecological SciComm at the Frontier

It’s that time of the year – time to get your brain into ESA Annual Meeting Mode.

You’re furiously finishing that data analysis in prep for a talk or poster.

You’re checking out the Conference Program and getting your schedule in order.

You’re registering for the meeting and arranging meet-ups with colleagues and collaborators.

How about adding science communication to your meeting preparations? It’s as simple as signing up for Workshop 10854: Communicating Science Vividly.

Communicating science vividly_workshop banner_v1

Inspired by the rallying call at the 2013 Annual Meeting to better connect our science to society, and the overwhelming enthusiasm for our 2014 SciComm workshop and petition to launch an ESA SciComm Section (done!), we’ve organized another hands-on workshop for attendees of this year’s Annual Meeting. Continue reading Ecological SciComm at the Frontier

Save the date: 3 conference activities to launch the new ESA SciComm section


We’re delighted to confirm approval of a new ESA section devoted to Science Communication!

Click here for complete details, including section by-laws.

Three important dates to note (all taking place during the 2015 annual ESA meeting) are as follows: Continue reading Save the date: 3 conference activities to launch the new ESA SciComm section

Materials from 2014 workshop: Advancing ecocomm through multimedia

This is a one-stop shop for the PowerPoint presentations, release forms, and other materials from our workshop. If you’re looking for something and don’t see it, just let us know.

Presentations (click image to view):



BGMerkle_sketching for science

PIreland_ppt Publishing guidelines_ppt


Multimedia SciComm Resource Guide

This resource guide is meant to inspire and empower – not only are there great examples, but we’ve provided practical advice about why, how, and when each media type can help you get your message across.

Bison ecologists, Saskatchewan; copyright 2011, Bethann G. Merkle
Click the image to download your copy.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International LicensePlease review the license terms before reproducing.

Our instructors and contributors (to the #ESA2014 SciComm workshop) distilled their years of experience – successes and misadventures alike – into this guide book. Fully illustrated with photos and sketches done by our team, we hope this guide helps you enhance your SciComm, or at least inspires you to try doing a little SciComm.

We’d love to hear what you find useful, and what you wish we’d included. Just let us know in the comments!

Looking for more?

Visit our web version of the guide, which includes more recent resource recommendations.

Workshop prep: Arrive prepared

Thanks for joining the fun!

We are very intentionally offering a ‘tapas’ style taster of different ways you could communicate your science, and there will be a strong emphasis on storytelling. We want you to walk away with a sense of the unique strengths of these different media for powering science communication, and to develop some sense of preference for what you might be interested in exploring more in the future.

Plan on having lots of fun, and trying lots of new things!

What you’ll need:

We’ll be sending a more detailed email to pre-registered participants by the end of the week. Meanwhile, here are a few things you’ll need to make the most of the workshop. Continue reading Workshop prep: Arrive prepared