Drawn to Ecology: How sketch notes can enhance your science experience

Enhance your sketching toolkit at the #ESA100 "Communicating Science Vividly" workshop! Guest post by Bethann Garramon Merkle Everyone can sketch - even you. https://twitter.com/johannavarner/status/498584519906058240 Researchers have demonstrated that drawing (even without training) can: aid learning & memorization help clarify what you know enhance research methodology improve value of student assessments enhance creativity and problem solving enhance communication … Continue reading Drawn to Ecology: How sketch notes can enhance your science experience


Ecological SciComm at the Frontier

It’s that time of the year – time to get your brain into ESA Annual Meeting Mode. You’re furiously finishing that data analysis in prep for a talk or poster. You’re checking out the Conference Program and getting your schedule in order. You’re registering for the meeting and arranging meet-ups with colleagues and collaborators. How … Continue reading Ecological SciComm at the Frontier

#SketchYourScience takes off after ESA 2014 workshop

It's happening! Multimedia SciComm is catching on, and our workshop participants are chief vectors for distributing the bug. Our last post was about Johanna Varner and the research she does on pikas. Inspired by Johanna's own sketches, produced during our workshop, the Pikas on Ice post featured some delightful pika sketches by Jennifer Landin. https://twitter.com/johannavarner/status/509101527382757376Continue reading #SketchYourScience takes off after ESA 2014 workshop

Resources: Sketching + beyond

*This list is dynamic, and in-development. Feel free to make suggestions (use the comments section or contact us directly) re additional resources and great examples that should be included. INSPIRATION Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (link to Facebook page) Nocturnal wonders: looking closely at moths New species at risk book written in indigenous languages by GNWT departments of … Continue reading Resources: Sketching + beyond