#ESA2018: Mentoring Opportunities & Travel Awards

Looking forward to ESA 2018, there are two mentoring opportunities, as well as a travel award! Note that the travel award for those looking for support for invited speakers (not for your own individual travel). Read on for details about: SEEDS program seeks mentors (commitment just during #ESA2018) Early Career mentorship program seeks mentors (during … Continue reading #ESA2018: Mentoring Opportunities & Travel Awards


Wanted: You! Nominations now open for 2018-2020 chair-elect position

(Photo by Bethann Garramon Merkle, ©2018) As we mentioned in the April newsletter, nominations are now open for the next Communication and Engagement Section chairperson-elect. If you are looking for a way to enhance your scicomm skills while contributing to others', this is a fantastic opportunity. It's also a great way to learn more about how … Continue reading Wanted: You! Nominations now open for 2018-2020 chair-elect position

#MySciComm: On the @ESA_org blog, Series Editors discuss what #MySciComm is and why it matters

By way of resuming the #MySciComm series after a brief pause for #ESA2017, we're delighted to share with you a recent commentary from #MySciComm series editors. ESA published a version of this commentary on its EcoTone blog during #ESA2017. In case you missed it, we're republishing it here. As of today, stay tuned, every other week, … Continue reading #MySciComm: On the @ESA_org blog, Series Editors discuss what #MySciComm is and why it matters

#ESA2017 Recap: ESA wants your feedback, loads of #SciComm activities, #SciArt, meetings & more

A lot of great opportunities came up during #ESA2017. These include the Section identifying several volunteer positions and opportunities, looking ahead to #ESA2018 (help us plan and collaborate for next year!), developments in our governance and long-range planning (see our About page for updates), and new officers (meet them here)! You can stay up to … Continue reading #ESA2017 Recap: ESA wants your feedback, loads of #SciComm activities, #SciArt, meetings & more

#MySciComm: taking a break for #ESA2017

We're taking a break from the MySciComm series while we focus on the ESA annual meeting. If you're in Portland, check out our awesome list of Section-sponsored and other SciComm happenings. Whether you're in Portland or following the conference from afar, we'll be posting meeting-related updates and session live-tweets in several places: here on our … Continue reading #MySciComm: taking a break for #ESA2017

Reminder: SciComm Section biz meeting & meet-up

Please do join us for this meeting! We'll be discussing how to spend the section's money (your membership dues), nominees for next year's officers, how to engage members (you!) in section projects throughout the year, and more! The business meeting is planned for Tuesday, August 8, 6:30-8:00 pm, in OCC room E142. More details: Join us … Continue reading Reminder: SciComm Section biz meeting & meet-up

Notes: 2016 SciComm section meeting

The ESA SciComm Section's annual meeting took place during the ESA annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The meeting was held August 10, 2016. The meeting notes are available for view and download. The meeting notes are archived on the section reports/bylaws page. You'll see, as you read the meeting notes, that there are a … Continue reading Notes: 2016 SciComm section meeting

#SciComm resource round-up

#ESA2016 is in full swing, and #ESASciComm is a big topic this year. Between our smashing success #upgoESA Ignite session.... https://twitter.com/DrHolly/status/763095579538915329 ...and our dynamic interactive scicomm workshop... https://twitter.com/beecycles/status/763083857717592065 ...inspiration and discussion about #scicomm is trending. And, there's more scicomm to come throughout the week! https://twitter.com/ec0p0lis/status/762626491905675265 We'll be re-capping on this blog, ESA's EcoTone blog is going to … Continue reading #SciComm resource round-up

Wanted: SciComm Section Officer Nominations

Looking for a way to enhance your scicomm skills while contributing to others? Then, nominate yourself for an #ESASciComm officer position! Officer nominations are now open and we’ll hold elections in October. If you are interested in running for section chair, chair-elect or secretary, please review the section by-laws for information about officer duties. Feel free to … Continue reading Wanted: SciComm Section Officer Nominations

#ESASciComm at #ESA2016

Connecting and communicating about the conference via social media? Here are our hashtag recommendations: #ESASciComm & #ESA2016. Next, the following email newsletter was recently sent to all #ESASciComm Section members, along with non-members on our mailing list. If you'll be/are at #ESA2016, please connect with us! It’s Annual Meeting time once again, and we’re looking forward … Continue reading #ESASciComm at #ESA2016