We want to move the conversation forward from talking about why communicating our science is important to improving how we actually do that.

 WK 15 – Beyond the Written Word: Advancing 
Ecology Communication Through Multimedia 
(free though ESA charges $25 registration for the room)

  • You!
  • No previous sci-comm experience is necessary.
  • Our workshop targets ecologists, educators, and communicators – those looking to expand their toolbox, and those curious to test the waters of science communication for the first time.

  • Click here for a detailed workshop description.
  • Workshop: Hands-on micro-workshops in audio, illustration, photography, video and writing
  • Outcomes: Experience with basic (free) tools and apps; exposure to multimedia communication
  • Product: Here’s the most exciting part of the workshop: you’ll form a small team with workshop presenters and other participants to plan and produce a multimedia project covering some aspect of the science at the meeting. We’ll even provide a platform for you to share these multimedia pieces with the world: a special series published right here and on the EcoTone blog. And don’t worry – we’re not looking for journalistic masterpieces, and we know everyone has a story to tell.

  • Sunday, August 10, 2014
  • 12:00 PM-5:00 PM

  • Sacramento Convention Center
  • Room 301


  • We’re empowering ecologists to better communicate the stories of our science (including stories about the people doing the science) in creative and compelling ways.
  • We will give you tools – and confidence – to engage, communicate, and create!

  • Co-organizers: Chris Creese, Clarisse Hart , Holly Menninger and Bethann G. Merkle
  • Contributing instructors: Perrin Ireland, Ben Landis, Molly Mellinger
  • For complete details about all the workshop instructors, click here to Meet the Team.